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I replied to each comment above. And on several other FAs. See no reason not to Support on sourcing. Dans les années 1950, aux États-Unis, il est finalement devenu rare que les femmes arrivent à leur nuit de noce encore ignorantes. Perhaps put this in the previous section? la circulaire Fontanet prévoit pour la première fois une information sur la sexualité en milieu scolaire, mais qui n'est que facultative. Massachusetts (en), la Cour décide que le sexe est «une grande et mystérieuse force motrice dans la vie humaine» et que son expression en littérature est protégée par le Ier amendement de la Constitution. It looks, to my inexpert eye, to be comprehensive, and is thoroughly and widely referenced. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 20:26, (UTC) Looking again, the chlorine query was my misreading, and I think the Lavigne/Viola queries I can leave with you, so changed to support above Jimfbleak - talk to me? Think I've addressed them all, except for the acre-foot one, which I've replied to above. I had little to nitpick about it then, and consider it meets the FA criteria. Affrontant la police venue faire une descente dans un bar gay de Greenwich Village, des homosexuels, des travestis, des transgenres et des transsexuelles new-yorkais ont, pour la première fois, défié le pouvoir, les autorités et la société en général pour s'affirmer. "was speared and clubbed to death by Aboriginal people". Added some more to that part.

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Sportsfan77777 ( talk ) 05:03, (UTC) Nonprofit Ten4Kim Consider for inclusion. From a picture photograph." The next: "Tsereteli in the Metekhi prison in Tiflis in 1904." Kaiser matias ( talk ) 03:41, (UTC) Okay, that doesn't mean they were published on those dates though. Kaiser matias ( talk ) 16:41, (UTC) If that was the first publication, that will present a problem with regards to the current tagging. References on style and grammar do not always agree; if a contributor cites support for a certain style in a standard reference work or other authoritative source, reviewers should consider accepting. 1 ranking in the next paragraph to avoid too many 2003s. Lancaster took advantage by launching offensives into Quercy and the Bazadais and himself leading a third force on a large-scale mounted raid (a chevauch?e ) between 12 September and All three offensives were successful, with Lancaster's chevauch?e, of approximately. Apologies for all of the work. I believe that I have addressed everything, but please let me know if I either missed anything or you notice something new that needs to be addressed. SchroCat ( talk ) 10:46, (UTC) Support Had minimal comments at the PR, and they were addressed.- Wehwalt ( talk ) 21:10, (UTC) Thank you, Wehwalt. (This is my second FAC overall after an unsuccessful FAC of this article two weeks ago. Le tchat propose également davoir accès à une radio pendant que vous discutez avec les autres personnes présentes. Peacemaker67 ( click to talk to me ) 06:34, (UTC) The "Recorded Events" section also could really be improved with some additional citations as there are ten sentences there before the first citation appears. That's all from. Laser brain (talk) 20:26, (UTC) Gog the Mild edit It is possible that Gerda Arendt and Peacemaker67 do support promotion, but have not indicated so clearly enough.

External links: Links to sources are all checked and working Quality and reliability: In my view the sources. 1 across three non-consecutive years. And that was all I could find to pick. Cela ne se fait pas sans résistance de la part du pouvoir patriarcal qui freine la légalisation et la diffusion des produits de ces découvertes scientifiques. Le situationniste Mustapha Khayati publie la brochure De la misère en milieu étudiant en 1966. But without any support from RSs I uspect that we would get one opinion per participant, and I would prefer not to go there. Hurricanehink ( talk ) 22:17, (UTC) In the US section, it seems like you're trying to pad the prose a bit. Sure, she only writes about boys and her obsession with the perfect Prince Charming, but this song showcases her maturity as an artist, both musically (I love the instrumental so bad) and lyrically (she has realised love is not a dream plus the sensual video. L'aiguillon est venu des premiers, en particulier l'intellectuel Guy Hocquenghem. I was probably thinking of it being exhibited by a government institution (the state library) rather than its origin. Par exemple, le service des douanes des États-Unis interdit Ulysse de James Joyce, en refusant son importation. Acific Hurricane 00:37, (UTC) Fixed.

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Not really my area of expertise, but it certainly appears to be a thoroughly researched article, again as usual. I thought all numbers above 10 had to use figures, but on reading MOS:numeral I see it's not that simple. Do you need "both"? Hurricanehink ( talk ) 14:13, (UTC) "at his family's estate in Gorisa;3 From a young age" - not to be pedantic (but that's what FAC is for but if you're using a semicolon, then "from" shouldn't be capitalized. Cheers, Ian Rose ( talk ) 02:38, (UTC) Support from Tim riley edit IR's armed forces articles have the considerable merit from a reviewer's point of view of brevity, but that doesn't mean they aren't comprehensive. Le second ?l?ment est une r?volution scientifique marqu?e par un faisceau de d?couvertes et d'avanc?es dans le domaine de la sexualit? : la diffusion du pr?servatif en latex apr?s les ann?es 1930, le traitement des maladies sexuellement transmissibles, au premier. Ce site présente les principaux objectifs de ses salons de discussions en ligne. Aoba47 ( talk ) 01:55, (UTC) "However, he stopped after the two women frequently fought on tour.8" - stopped what? And I thoght I had translated all, but I must have lost track of my checklist.

chat totalement gratuit site de marriage